Postgraduate Workshop 2010 Participants & Papers

University of Leeds, 8-9 July 2010

Participants and Papers:


Claire Barbetti (Duquesne University) – Time and the Subject in Medieval Ekphrasis

Jane Barlow (University of Leeds) – The balance of Power in the Rylands haggadah

Roland Bettancourt (Yale University) – Beyond Foucault’s Laugh, In Yamasaki’s Ruins: On the Ethical Praxis of Art Historical Scholarship in a Globalized World

Stacey Blake (University of Birmingham)- Images from the Edge: Papal Influence on Insular and Peninsular Manuscripts from a Post Colonial Perspective

Agnes Drostzmer (Central European University) – Images of Distance and Closeness: The Ottomans in Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Vernacular Poetry

Eva Frojmovic (University of Leeds) – Postcolonial questions addressed to “decorated” Hebrew bibles from 13th century Iberia

Seokyung Han (Binghamton University) – The Visual Culture of Choson, Korea

Ananya Kabir (University of Leeds)

Catherine Karkov (University of Leeds)

Marcia Kupfer (Ohio State University)

Asa Mittman (California State Univrersity, Chico) – The East, Colonialism, Certainty, and Art History

Michael Nayebi-Oskui (University of Texas) – Hail Mary, Mother of Nations: The Role of the Virgin of Nazareth in the Formation of a Mexican and Egyptian National Identity

Tom Nickson (University of York) – Reviewing texts: multilingual inscriptions in medieval Spain

Katalin Prajda (European University Institute) – Between home and Home: The Florentine Scolari Family at the Court of Sigismund of Luxemburg in Buda

Robyn Radway (Rutgers University) – Othering, hybridity, and ambiguity in the frontispiece of the Hungarian Illuminated Chronicle

Monica Walker Vadillo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) – Postcolonising the iconography of Bathsheba in the Middle Ages: A Feasible Approach?

Nancy Wicker (University of Mississippi) – Decolonizing Gold Bracteates: From Late Roman Medallions to Scandinavian Migration Period Pendants