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Call for Papers: Post-Iconography, Beyond Influence


A session on method and medieval art research IMC 2011

Sponsored by the AHRC Research Network “Postcolonising the Medieval Image”

Twenty years ago, the Index of Christian Art hosted a conference titled, in an ironic homage to Panofsky, “Iconography at the Crossroads”. More recently art historians have begun to question both the value and meaning of terms such as “iconography” and “influence”. The convenors of the IMC session “post-iconography”, Catherine Karkov and Eva Frojmovic, invite papers that explicitly interrogate and probe the limits of iconographic research on medieval art. What are the limitations of a text-centred approach to medieval art? What are the alternatives? We would welcome both theoretical papers and case studies showcasing colleagues’ own current research “beyond iconography”. In addition, what exactly do we mean when we use terms like “influence”? Are encounters between cultures, artists or works of art really as passive and unidirectional as the term implies?

We invite paper proposals (title, short abstract) to be received by email to post-col-med@leeds.ac.uk by 29 September 2010.

Eva Frojmovic & Catherine Karkov (University of Leeds)