Kalamazoo 2010: Time & Translation in Medieval Art

Alhambra Comares courtyard tiles

(Photograph of ‘Comares Courtyard tiles, Alhambra’ courtesy of Lara Eggleton)


On Friday 14th May 2010 at the 45th International Congresson Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Catherine Karkov and Eva Frojmovic will be convening Postcolonizing the Medieval Image: Time and Translation in Medieval Art:

Remodeling Byzantine Architectural Histories: A Post-Colonial Approach
Charles A. Stewart, Univ. of St. Thomas, Houston

Caliphal Columns and Pillars of Conquest: A Trans-historical Reading of the Alhambra’s Mexuar Hall
Lara Eggleton, Univ. of Leeds

The Enemies’ Two Bodies and the Cloisters Cross
Kathleen Biddick, Temple Univ.

Further details and full abstracts will be posted on the website over the coming weeks.