Eva Frojmovic: Arts of Extimité

Join us in Glasgow for the Association of Art Historian’s 36th annual conference, from the 15th to the 17th of April, 2010. On Saturday 17th, Postcolonising the Medieval Image will be convening Medieval Art/Postcolonial Questions, including the following paper:

Eva Frojmovic (Leeds)

Arts of Extimité

My paper is a response to The Arts of Intimacy: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the making of Castilian culture, by Dodds, Menocal and Krasner Balbale, in an attempt to understand the self-consciously hybrid Mudejar-gothic aesthetic in the visual culture of the Jewish minority in Aragon/Catalonia and Roussillon/Mallorca from the late 13th and through the 14th century. Here, I will confront ‘intimacy’ (see above) with extimité (J.J. Cohen). Mudejarismo worked to mark out Jewish holy book as “ancient” and “authentic” in the context of Christian appropriation; paradoxically, this aesthetic strategy was closely related to Christian appropriations of the Mudejar heritage.