Roberto Presenti: Retelling the story of medieval architecture in Sardinia

Join us in Glasgow for the Association of Art Historian’s 36th annual conference, from the 15th to the 17th of April, 2010. On Saturday 17th, Postcolonising the Medieval Image will be convening Medieval Art/Postcolonial Questions, including the following paper:

Roberto Pesenti (Courtauld)

Retelling the story of medieval architecture in Sardinia

The story of Sardinian medieval architecture has traditionally focused on marginality and influence. Building projects have been characterized as ancillary to centres of power and artistic production on the Continent. However, the emergence and interplay of multiple cultural references in the island’s architectural landscape suggests a more contrasted narrative. The use of concepts drawn from postcolonial studies can help to retell the story from the viewpoint of the periphery, which will show how the development of Sardinian architecture responded to the heritage and needs of a local society performing a sustained balancing act amidst exogenous political, religious and economic forces.